Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  When are games?
A.  Games days vary by division.  We like to say that games may be scheduled Monday through Sunday.  Day or night, not that we have lights.  Typically, we will schedule most teams for Saturday play.  Spirit and Shetland will not be scheduled weekday games unless needed.  Pinto and Bronco are schedule for Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Mustang on Wednesdays.  And, Pony Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Of course, based on division size and to an even schedule, Mondays may be scheduled.  Times vary based on division.

Q.  Where are games played?
A.  All games are played at East Valley Baseball.  However, there are occasions that our league may interlock with other local leagues.  So, those games  could be played at those league’s facility. 

Q.  When are practices?
A.  We try to keep practices similar to the game schedule.  Once games start, Saturdays become game days.  We try not to schedule weekday games in March so we can offer more practice time.  Once April arrives, weekday practices become weekday games.

Q.  How are teams selected?
A.  The League will hold a mandatory player evaluation.  Once all players are evaluated they are entered into the “player’s pool”.  Managers/coaches then conduct a “player’s draft” and teams are selected.

Q.  What is a player evaluation?
A.  Each player is evaluated by receiving ground balls, fly balls, at bats, running the bases, etc.  All players who are evaluated will be selected to a team, providing the League does not have a “waiting list” in that division.

Q.  Can my child be protected by a specific coach?
A.  Yes and No.  Teams are allowed to protect up to 4 players that were directly related to their team from the previous season.   Both parent/player and manager must agree to the player being protected.  If either chooses not to have a player protected, that player then becomes part of the “player’s pool” and is subject to the draft.

Q.  What happens if I withdraw from the league after registering?
A.  Unfortunately, once registered w/ the League, there are no refunds.

Q.  What happens if I sign up late?
A.  Your child may be placed on a “waiting list”.  You may also be subject to a “late registration” fee.  So, don’t sign up late and take advantage of our “early registration” fees.

Q.  I understand that if I volunteer, I need to be live scanned.  What if I’ve been live scanned for another organization?
A.  Unfortunately, you must be live scanned for East Valley Baseball.  Organizations may not share that information with each other.  It’s a matter of privacy.

Q.  How can I sign up to manage, coach, or volunteer?
A.  When registering your child online, there is an option to do so.  If you do not have a child in the League and would still like to volunteer, you may simply register yourself online. 

Q.  Can I bring my dog to the fields?

A.  NO.  We ask that all family pets be left at home, with the exception of a service animal.

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Q.  What is PONY Baseball and how does it differ from youth baseball organizations?
A. PONY is an acronym for “Protect Our Nation’s Youth”.  Like most youth organizations, leagues are offered a national affiliation.  What distinguishes PONY from other affiliations is the use of a two-year age bracket system with field sizes commensurate for the appropriate age groups. Ages in other organizations can differ by as much as 3-4 years within a division.  Affiliating with PONY allows players to compete against their own age grouping.

Q.  When will the season begin?
A.  Keep an eye on our web site.  For Spring, the season begins with our Player’s Evaluation, usually the last week of January.  Games will begin a few weeks after that.  For Fall, Player’s Evaluation is held in

late August, Early September.

Q.   How long will the season last?
A.  Our Spring season ends late May, early June.  Fall will end the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Q.  What equipment will my child need before the first practice or game?
A.  Included in your registration fee the League will provide your child with:  jersey, hat, socks and belt (no belts in Shetland or Spirit).  You will need to provide:  Solid white baseball pants (no piping allowed), cleats (Mustang thru Pony may wear metal cleats), glove or mitt, athletic supporter w/ protective cup, baseball bat (see the web site for bat specifications), bating helmet.

Q.  Can my child be placed on a team with one of his friends?
A.  We do our best to accommodate all carpools and/or requests.  However, while we do try, it may not always happen.

Q.  How much do team pictures cost?
A.  A basic picture package is included in your registration fee.

Q.  If my child is unhappy with the team he/she has been placed on, can he/she switch teams?
A.  Only in extreme cases do we allow children to switch teams after the teams have been formed.  Remember, when we move your child, we need to move another.  Tough to explain that one to the other child.

Q.  Are players allowed to play “up” or “down” in age/division?
A.  No.  We are an age based organization (PONY Baseball).  Therefore, players must play within their appropriate age group and division.

Q.  At what age do players start to pitch?
A.  Our Pinto Division (ages 7/8) is a player’s first introduction into pitching.  Prior to Pinto, a manual pitching machine (the Louisville Slugger UPM 45) is used (Shetland). 

Q.  Is East Valley Baseball a competitive or an instructional or league?
A.  Both.  Once score is kept, competition will naturally take over.  However, we do stress fundamentals over competition.

Q.  Are vaping devices or smoking allowed at EV?

A.  NO. Vaping devices and smoking is prohibited at EV facility.