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About East Valley Baseball

‚ÄčThe baseball complex at the corner of Whitsett and Strathern has been serving the boys and girls of the East San Fernando communities of North Hollywood, Sun Valley, Arleta, Pacoima and Panorama City since our inception in 1962.

Considered to be one of the oldest youth baseball complexes in the Valley, featuring 4 fields, grass infields, electric scoreboards, 4 batting cages, parking, snack stand and room to grow, we have watched as over 17,000 children from all walks of life have passed through our batter's boxes. We are non-profit 501c3  (Fed Tax ID # 35-2236508)

East Valley began in 1950's as San Val Little League and moved to the current location in 1962.  Today, East Valley Baseball is home to PONY baseball.   PONY is an acronym that stands for 

Protect Our Nations Youth. Field sizes and rules change with each new age group division.

The divisions are: 
Spirit - ages 3 & 4.  Straight T-Ball.  One base at a time.  Learning the basics.
Shetland - ages 5 & 6.  Manuel Machine Pitch w/ Tee, if needed.  50' bases;  
Pinto - ages 7 & 8.  Introduction to kid pitch (with limitations).  40' mound and 60' bases;  
Mustang - ages 9 & 10.  Metal cleats; Major league baseball rules (for kids, of course).  Lead offs, dropped thrid strikes, infield fly rule.  46' mound and 60' bases.
Bronco - ages 11 & 12.  Major league rules; 50' mound and 70' bases.
Pony - ages 13 & 14.  54' mound and 80' bases.
Colt/Palomino - ages 15 & 18.  60' 6" mound and 90' bases.  Get ready for High School.

"Our goal at East Valley is to be the best youth baseball value in the San Fernando Valley!!"