Code of Conduct

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It is the objective of East Valley to provide your children with a wholesome atmosphere in which to engage in healthy athletic competition.  Our primary goals are to build character in our children and to instill in them a passion for sports and for the game of baseball.  Due to the excitement and high emotion that comes with sports, it is important to express some guidelines regarding what we will expect from you, our guests, your children and our coaches.  Please know that the league encourages cheering, excitement and exuberance, but be careful to always express this in a positive and productive manner.

  • Only properly attired team/League personnel are allowed in the dugouts and on the field of player before and/or during games.Any manager, coach or parent who removes their team/child from the field of play during a game will be expelled from the League.
  • The threat of physical harm or intimidation to another individual, or destruction of League and/or facility property will result in immediate expulsion form the League.
  • The League will not tolerate any behavior on the playing field, stands or facility which would hinder the spirit of sportsmanship and co-operation that we encourage.
  • No abusive language or profanity will be permitted.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted on any Department of Recreation and Parks facility.    Any person found with an alcoholic beverage will be immediately expelled from the League.
  • East Valley Baseball is a non smoking facility. 
  • Drive with extreme caution when entering and exiting the facility.  Watch for children, traffic and respect our neighbors.  Observe all parking signs and spaces.
  • Parents, players, spectators, coaches and managers are expected to keep our facility, fields and stands clean and free of litter. 
  • No open criticism of umpires, managers, coaches or players from the stands.  POSITIVE CHATTER ONLY!!
  • No coaching from the stands.
  • All players are expected to display good sportsmanship.
  • Negative comments about your teammates or members of the opposing team are not permitted.
  • No field or dugout chatter directed towards the opposing team.  Ex:  “hey batter, batter!”  “Swing!”  “Miss it!”  Etc.
  • Respect the managers, coaches, teammates, umpires & league volunteers.
  • No “horseplay” or “fooling around” during games or practices.
  • Players and teams are responsible for their own equipment and field maintenance before and after each game and/or practice. 
  • East Valley is committed to ensuring a fun and safe environment for all.  Any player, coach, manager, spectator or parent who is ejected from a game, shall be suspended for their team’s next game and may not enter the facility.  There are no appeals.
  • East Valley Baseball is not responsible for lost or stolen articles, damage to personal property or personal harm.
  • By signing up at East Valley Baseball, you agree to abide by our League’s Code of Conduct. 
  • I agree not to play or participate in another league or team that may be in conflict with the goals as set forth by the League.
  • I agree to use only bats that are approved by PONY Baseball and EVB.
  • No pets of any kind are allowed at East Valley Baseball.